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  • Do you supply the liquor?
    No, Poor It Up is not licensed to sell alcohol. Our margarita mixes contain no alcohol and the customer provides all liquor. We will get the alcohol from you the day of the event and show you how to create the perfect mixture.
  • Can we use our own margarita or frozen drink mixes?
    No, our mixes are designed exclusively for these machines. Customers are liable for any damages caused by adding foreign ingredients other than alcohol to the mix.
  • Can I set up the machine outdoors?
    Our margarita machines operate best under the shade. If your event is at an outdoor venue, the machine should never be placed under direct sunlight.
  • Are your machines easy to use?
    Yes! All you need to do is add the water, alcohol, and mix into our 5 gallon jugs. Shake really well and poor into the buckets that hold the mixture. Lastly, turn it on, and our margarita machine will do the rest.
  • How far do you travel?
    As of right now we're only taking events in Odessa, Midland, Andrews, Monahans and Crane.
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